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Jacob Portchmouth

My name is Jacob Portchmouth and I am twenty years old; I am currently in my second year of university studying business and marketing. This past year I have been participating in my own ultra-endurance challenges that I have set myself, which I have used to raise money/awareness for charities/causes that I feel passionate about.  

Through these challenges I have manged to run my first half, full and ultra-marathon distance with one month of training, I covered fifty miles on foot in seven days and I have had two articles published about my challenges in the local news. I raised £1400 for the British Red Cross to aid the support effort in Lebanon after the explosion in Beirut with my first challenge ‘Running 30 Miles for Lebanon’. I also organised a Movember challenge which I called ’94 Miles for Men’s Mental Health’. This involved my friends, family and I covering ninety-four miles on foot over the course of seven days with myself taking fifty of those miles and covering them with a ten kilograms weighted vest on. This was to represent the feeling of issues with mental health feeling like a ‘weight’ on your shoulders.

In 2021, I have many more challenges planned which I hope to complete to raise money/awareness for charity. These involve trying to complete an ironman 70.3 distance, running a marathon, swimming fifteen kilometres in open water and running from coast to coast of Scotland. I am using this blog as a way to share how I view life as a twenty-year-old, how I feel success can be achieved, the negative and positives of sport and how a tough and positive mindset can change your life.

Thank you!

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