Planning a month-long event to raise money for charity.

Planning A Month for Mental Health has been a rather eye-opening experience for me. It has given me a great level of understanding on how much work it is to set up an event. There are many hours of work that are ‘behind the scenes’ such as working out dates, meetings, phone calls, emails, prepping to start filming, getting individuals involved and keep them supported throughout their fundraising, working with the charity that you are raising money for and much more. Alongside this, you have to keep up with training (if you are doing a fundraiser that involves a physical challenge). There are definitely challenges and setbacks that come with setting up an event up with doubts creeping in such as “is this a good event?”, “should I have raised more money by now?”, “I hope this runs smoothly”.

As the event has grown in size, the doubts creep in further as there are more people involved. Originally the idea with a reasonably small vision that it would be a self-funded marathon and Ironman 70.3 distance in the period of one month to raise money for a charity – the Samaritans. However, over time, it has grown into a bigger event as I have multiple people doing their own fundraising, the event potentially covered by press, having a documentary made about it by my friend Thomas Lecyn and with many people invested in the idea – including a foundation and a manual therapist who have kindly decided to support A Month for Mental Health.

When I was setting this event up, I wanted to make it has good as I could possibly make it. I try to keep in my mind that this event is to raise money for a charity that provides crucial support to those of need it, which is a huge motivation to continue to work and make improvements along the way until the event is over.

Although there are doubts and nerves, setting up an event with the aim to raise money for charity is incredibly rewarding with the knowledge that the work you are doing to raise money for a fantastic charity will hopefully be beneficial to them. I feel very passionately about the work that the Samaritans do, so the time I spend setting up A Month for Mental Health feels very rewarding.

The response to A Month for Mental Health has shown me how prevalent mental health is today as the idea of raising money for the Samaritans has resonated with so many people for their own personal reasons. I hope in the future the Samaritans will not be needed as much as there will be education, the stigmatisation of mental health removed and an even bigger range of support out there for people struggling.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to welcoming you back next week.


To donate to A Month for Mental Health:

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