The Journey to A Month for Mental Health – Blog Post Two

Balance and intuitive training.

Welcome to blog post two, following my journey of training with the goal to complete a marathon, an ironman 70.3 while covering 100 miles in the period of a month. While training and spending a lot of time on my own on rides and runs I have had a lot of time to think more and more on how I can bring more enjoyment into my training. So, what have I discovered?

Well, first of all, enjoyment is a feeling that should always be in your training because if you are not enjoying it – what’s the point, right? Now, reading that you may be thinking, “that’s all well and good but sometimes you have to just get out there and train to meet your goal, even if it’s not fun”! Of course, there is a huge amount of truth in that question, so to avoid this feeling, I decided I will train when it feels good but still have a programme to follow.

I think when you are training toward a goal, it can be hard to give yourself freedom such as, when you miss a session you will feel bad about doing so. However, letting that feeling go can be a very positive and important as I know this allowed me to relax more and enjoy exercise.

So, let me move onto what I mean by I will just train when I want to and when it feels good and explain the method in my madness. I have been learning a lot about diet and nutrition recently and I have learned about intuitive eating. If you do not know what intuitive eating is, here is a definition:

Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a traditional diet. It doesn’t impose guidelines about what to avoid and what or when to eat (  

This way of eating allows you to be in touch with your body and its signals of when to eat, so I thought to myself – why not do this with sport? This allows you to train when you want to and it takes pressure off you with a set training programme and it allows you to be free with your training and do it when you want which in result, may increase – enjoyment.  

Being able to have that freedom allows you to not feel bad if you miss a session, which for some, may ruin their day if they missed their session due to not feeling motivated enough. Giving myself this ease has not only increased my performance in my sessions but has also allowed me to not stress so much when I miss a session.

Thank you for reading and blog post three will be coming soon!

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