My experience of a car accident at nineteen years old.

I feel that young people driving fast is a topic that gets discussed constantly, however, in this pandemic we have seemed to forget that it is still an issue. Many people have experienced issues at home during this pandemic such as relationship breakdowns and difficulties with mental health, leading to anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, many young people have a release of frustration sitting in their driveway to potentially combat these feelings. So, I thought as it was winter in Scotland I would talk about my experience of driving with inexperience and how it affected me.

In November 2019 I was involved in a very bad car accident. I was driving to my parents’ house when a sudden rainstorm hit, my window wipers were on full and I could still not see – so I slammed on my breaks. I felt my wheels lock and I slid across the road, hitting the verge so hard my car flipped.

This may have never happened if I had the awareness to not get in the car that day. See, this was a day that I was not feeling myself, I was not concentrating on the road because I had so many thoughts in my mind, however, I decided to drive anyway – a decision I should not have made.

As soon as I started to slide across the road, the thought entered my mind that this may be my last moments, which of course filled me with dread. For a second there was silence – the second feeling like a lifetime and just enough time to believe that I was going to be okay. Then, I hit the verge – catapulting my car into a garden, hitting a wall and a fence before finally stopping.

I will never forget the shear devastation and the noise. An explosion from the airbags which sounded like an extremely loud gunshot, the glass shattering and the metal crunching around me. My ears ringing, very disorientated and blood all over me – I kicked the door open to get out. I had my head glued shut in the ambulance while I was rushed to hospital.  

In those short seconds, you realise how easily life can be taken away from you and it is not worth having it taken away from you while driving with inexperience and lack of focus.

This pandemic has uncovered a lot of new issues the world has, but I feel this one has been over looked. Young people, especially males who are angry, upset or frustrated may turn to their car to combat these feelings. So, I hope my experience shows it is not worth it to get into a car when you feel you shouldn’t.  

Instead, why not go for a walk, a run, a cycle? Take care on the roads, manage anxiety and depression with the help of a professional and don’t use your car as a form of therapy – it’s not worth it.

I would like to add I was okay after the accident and I am fully recovered now.

Thank you for reading.

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